Friday, 2 July 2010

Interview for "The People's Game Radio Show"

"7560 Minutes Later" features in a recent episode of "The People's Game" - catch up with what I have to say on a range of topics, mainly Slovakia's World Cup past, present & future as well as watching football in Hong Kong. My work is currently keeping me rather busy, but I will do my best do upload some more articles by the end of this week! I am on from approx. 24:40.

The People’s Game Radio Show for Tuesday June 29, 2010

We keep it simple today with a roundtable discussion about the latest games and the ill-fated Inarritu Nike add where, with Ronaldo’s exit, all the featured stars are now exiled from the mundial. Tony Presido joins us to examine how Spain has turned it around. Then Lukas, a Slovakian blogger in the far east, discusses one of the darlings of the tournament, his home nation which slayed the defending champions, and conveys the passion for the World Cup in Hong Kong.
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