Friday, 4 June 2010

World Cup in Slovakia - Part 1 - TV adverts

The World Cup fever is finally on in Slovakia and local TV screens are more and more often filled with adverts that try to make the most out of the debut of the country's players at the tournament.

Captain Marek Hamšík and central defender Martin Škrtel are Slovakia's top players and most likely to be recognized by domestic as well as foreign audiences - therefore  they feature/are referred to in most of the adverts. Manager Weiss can be seen in the STV's World Cup promo, telling fans to "cross their fingers".
"It is not mandatory - it is your choice. No one looks after you - you are on your own. No one keeps an eye on the score and you are not blinded by camera flashes. The strictest manager has always been in your head. You hate him on the steepest slope but then you realize how great it feels to be standing on the top. Yeeeeee-eeeees!"

"My name is Dédé, but everyone calls me Hamšík. I found him online, over here in South Africa. He is the best football player - and I play just like him! My mum says that I even look like him. We Slovaks might definitely win."

"Now we all know where Slovakia is and all of us want to be like Marek Hamšík - but some guys' hair is not long enough. Never mind - he can be Škrteľ! We support Slovakia. And when we win, we dance."

"Come out, Dédé! - Someone is calling you - Here's Dédé, who's there? - Hey Dédé, this is Marek Hamšík, how are you? - Hamšíííík.

"I am Martin Škrtel and I would like to ensure you that I'll always give out my best."

"Be the twelfth player and earn your nomination to [South] Africa!"

"Cross your fingers!"
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